Delawyk Crescent SE24

London Borough of Southwark

Who We Are

Delawyk Crescent estate is a 115-dwelling council estate in Herne Hill, towards the southern end of the inner-London borough of Southwark. Delawyk Crescent is laid out as a 'Radburn Estate', a design layout in which vehicles and pedestrians are largely separated. It consists of early 1960s and early 1970s houses and bungalows, 107 of which comprise Delawyk Crescent and the remainder are the 8 even-numbered houses 54 - 60a along the front of Half Moon Lane. It also includes a non-adopted road, communal gardens, parking spaces and garages.

Of the 115 houses in Delawyk Crescent, a majority are owned by long leaseholders, a long leasehold having been purchased from Southwark Council under the Right to Buy legislation. With limited exceptions, most leaseholders and tenants have Southwark Council as their immediate landlord, with Dulwich Estate as the freeholder of the whole estate.

Delawyk Residents Management Organisation Limited (DRMO) is an industrial and provident society registered with the Financial Services Authority under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 number IP29788R.

DRMO is run by a board composed of residents from the Delawyk Crescent estate for mutual benefit of all residents. All residents of the estate, regardless of tenure, are able to join for a nominal charge of 10p. DRMO is a non-profit making organisation with charitable status (although it is exempted from registration with the Charities Commission). Any surplus is retained by the organisation to provide better services and facilities to residents of the estate.

Security camera notice

The DRMO is recording and collecting data on people fly tipping in the area in order to report to Southwark Council for the Council to take any necessary action

View from our security camera: section of road, 5 parked cars, 2 garages